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Emily Lancaster

Certified RYC® Teacher

Group Classes

Due to COVID-19, group classes are currently on hold. When group classes resume, this page will be updated.

Private Sessions

A one-to-one private RYC® session offers 75 minutes of assessment and movement, focused on finding your individual blind spots and uncovering your specific compensation patterns. Due to COVID-19, sessions are currently offered virtually.


What is Restore Your Core?

Restore Your Core (RYC®) is a comprehensive whole-body method to retrain your core and pelvic floor muscles to be functional, reflexive, responsive and supportive to your body. It helps you learn to move better, exercise better, uncover movement compensation patterns, and create new patterns of strength, mobility, length and support. RYC® takes a unique approach to core wellness, aiming to empower and educate women for the long term by teaching them how to move efficiently and exercise optimally. The program combines sustainable and functional yoga and Pilates-based exercises with the fundamentals of biomechanics.

RYC® could help you:

  • Gain core strength and confidence
  • Improve diastasis recti (ab separation)
  • Uncover movement patterns
  • Reduce leak pee
  • Alleviate prolapse symptoms
  • Decrease back pain

If you are looking to heal from childbirth, find ways to lessen persistent pain, or simply looking to build a sustainable movement practice with an integrated core, RYC® may have something to offer you.

About Emily


I’m Emily, mother of two active children, Louisiana native, writer, editor and graphic designer, swing dancer, rock climber and movement teacher.

After the birth of my children, I became overwhelmed by a maze of misinformation and shame around women’s health. I found myself not only adjusting to caring for a new baby and navigating new routines, but desperately trying to learn how to heal my body with little help from the medical world, and little support from other moms. Over half of all women will experience incontinence, diastasis recti or prolapse in their life, but nobody talked about it. I refused to accept that back pain, weakness, a 9-finger wide diastasis recti and pelvic floor dysfunction were my new normal.

The female body goes through a miraculous process to grow and birth a child. I feel strongly that our bodies have incredible capacity to heal as well; we just need better information. My diastasis is now only two fingers, and I’m able to dance and play with my kids without leaking. But more than those things, I have confidence in my body. I know what it’s capable of, and I have a stronger more connected core that ever before.

My healing journey led to a deep desire to help other women navigate their own healing with a smarter understanding of how alignment, breath, and daily habits affect our bodies. I love using mindful and functional movement to empower women as they reclaim their strength and return to their passions.

RYC<sup>®</sup> CertifiedMy superpowers include getting lost in a book, creating beauty in my world, fixing things with random bits, and overcoming perfectionism becoming an imperfectionist.


Baltimore, MD

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